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I've got your educational content needs covered.

My mission is to help education industry brands by creating and editing written content that is both engaging to the reader and aligned with SEO practices.

This is my full-time day job.

By day, I am a full-time content writer and editor at an established edTech company in the DFW area. I write blog posts that follow SEO best practices, plug-and-play lesson plans, teaching resources, and other forms of edTech marketing content. I am also the go-to editor for the K-12 B2B vertical, editing everything from emails to webinar presentations. 

Britney Carrol

  • "Katie writes blog posts for the marketing department at my company that are engaging and SEO-optimized. She is a professional who gets projects done to spec quickly and with the utmost quality. 

I have a master's degree in education and a certification in SEO & Google Analytics.

In addition to 11+ years in the K-12 classroom, I have a master's degree in education from Concordia University. I've also completed a full certification in SEO & Marketing Analytics.

Matthew Freeman

  • "Katie's work is fantastic. She's been able to write copy my vertical's audience can understand and connect with. Even when I've asked for her to help rework some of our existing content, she's been able to work with me to create some of our best performing ads."

I've been doing this for over a decade.

I've been writing content professionally since 2011. I started out writing restaurant reviews and blog posts as a freelancer in NYC, and today I am a full-time content writer and editor at a successful DFW edTech company.

Alejandra Urbina

  • "In addition to creating generous content for our department, Katie regularly proofs and line edits long-form and short-form copy for us. It's rare to find someone who can write and edit well. 

Need high-quality educational content that's aligned with SEO practices? I've got you!

Like what you see? Let's get started!

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