Portfolio Writing Samples

Shine NYC is a children's educational company I wrote for many times while living in New York. This particular blog post focused on how parents could keep their kids healthy at the start of the new year.

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This is a "clone" version of an ISD 4th grade Writing assessment I edited. The topic, length, and sentences have been changed due to confidentiality, but the structure of the passage and question are true to form.

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ISD Curriculum Resource Document Sample (Confidential Information Removed)

This is a portion of a curriculum document I worked on for a local ISD (2nd Grade ELAR). All confidential information has been covered, but the structure of the document (as well as the state objectives covered) are viewable.

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This is a blog post I wrote for the kid's story web site, www.theficclique.com. The post links to other story-starter sites for kids, which is a bonus for SE

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