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Hi, I'm Katie Letts
(Educational Content Writer)

Carving out time to create engaging content for an educational brand can be daunting.

My mission is to help educational brands create written content that grows a love of learning in both students and educators, alike.

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The U.S. Education Market is expected to to reach US$1,950 billion by 2025 (Facts & Factors). In addition to this, the global market for E-Learning is projected to reach US$457.8 billion by 2026 (ReportLinker). High-quality and consistent content is essential for any educational brand.

As an educational brand, it's safe to assume your business cares about the power of learning and wants to get a message emphasizing educational growth to as many people as possible. 

The issue, as any seasoned educator knows, is there simply aren't enough hours in the day. Setting aside time to create consistent, engaging and high-quality content is an issue, especially when faced with all of the other issues currently facing the education system as a whole.

No worries... I can help.

As an educator with over a decade's-worth of experience, I use my knowledge of the classroom and my passion for learning to help educational brands grow by covering their writing content needs. Whether you need a bundle of SEO-optimized blog posts, reading passages with rigorous comprehension questions, or a curriculum resources document aligned with state learning objectives, I've got you covered.

So... Who's ready to get started?

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